Partnership Established Formally between Kingold International Life and Health Management Co., Ltd and German Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Kingold International Life and Health Management Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of Kingold Group, has formally established cooperative partnership with Siemens Healthcare GmbH. On June 26, a ceremony was held for both parties to sign the contract at Siemens' headquarter in Irish, Germany. Kingold Group's Co-President Zhong Weihe, Vice President Zhang Xuefeng and many other executives attended the signing ceremony. The contract signed which is over one hundred million RMB, has marked a firm step from Kingold Group towards the expansion of its businesses in the area of life and health.

Health is not only a necessity for people's overall development, but also a basis for economic and social development. Combined market research and with its own strengths, Kingold Group has made it a new growth point to improve health services and develop health industry and has set up Kingold International Health and Life Management Co., Ltd. By introducing the most advanced medical equipment and management technology, the Kingold plans to build a top-level national health management center, providing high-end medical services.

As one of the first foreign-funded enterprises approved by the Chinese government, Kingold Group has accumulated great strength and achieved impressive progress during more than 20 years' development. Adhering to a diversified cross-national, cross-regional and cross–area management strategy, the Group has been engaged in real estate, finance, technology, health and other industries. The health management center under construction is located in the Imperial Springs which has been carefully designed and built by Kingold Group for many years. Covering an area of about 2.8 million square meters, Imperial Springs is located at the foot of Mount. Phoenix in Conghua, Guangdong. Regarded as a Shangri-La for body and mind and a private resort for leisure and holidays, the Villa has valuable high-quality hot springs, elegant buildings surrounded by mountains, and first-class international high-end business and leisure facilities.

Imperial Springs Health Management Center's cooperative partner, German Siemens Healthcare GmbH, has world-leading medical equipment, technology, and rich experience in clinical applications and process optimization. Imperial Springs health management center is introducing German leading modern diagnostic technology and medical experts’ teams to jointly build a world-class medical and health platform.

It can be expected that in Imperial Springs's non-replicated environment, the strong cooperation between Kingold International Life and Health Management Co., Ltd. and Siemens Healthcare GmbH is bound to bring its unique product and service advantages into full play, and improve medical services with innovative technologies. Standing on China's growing high-end medical platform, Imperial Springs and Siemens will provide higher quality of medical services for more people and jointly open up new areas of development.

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